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1 roll of 35mm film + 8 Polaroid shots for $175
(film + development costs included)

I'm a story teller. I love telling the human story, no matter the medium. I started shooting film and working in the darkroom in high school, having been drawn primarily to shooting portraits. I continued down this creative path at Goucher College, where I majored in Studio Art (focus on Photography) with a Minor in Theatre. As soon as I completed the Photo portion of my degree, my car was broken into in Baltimore City where I grew up, and I lost every single negative I'd ever made, along with a box of all of my best prints, mostly portraits of Baltimore folk that I could not recreate.

My spirit was shattered. 

I decided to focus more on acting to fulfill the desire to tell stories, and found myself in Los Angeles. I started writing and recording music too.

But I always took photos. 

This is me rekindling my first love. Let me take your photo :) 



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